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US War Machine is the Biggest Threat! US Troops Out of the Philippines & Asia Pacific!

For Immediate Release

Reference: Romeo Hebron, BAYAN-USA Finance Officer,


US War Machine is the Biggest Threat

US Troops Out of the Philippines & Asia Pacific! Down with the US War Machine!



On the third anniversary of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), which allows for the building of US military bases in the Philippines, BAYAN-USA continues its call for Philippine sovereignty and demands the removal of all US troops from the country.

Although EDCA was enacted by their predecessors Benigno Aquino and Barack Obama, President Duterte and President Trump perpetuate this long standing semi-colonial relationship between the Philippines and the United States.

Despite Duterte’s statements last October speaking out against the presence of foreign troops, as well as a declaration that he’s not a “lapdog of the US,” he and his administration have gone back on their word, confirming that EDCA is “still on” and that the building of US facilities can start at any time. However, as history has shown, the continued US military presence and joint training exercises with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) results in increased human rights violations against the Filipino people.

In the US, President Trump’s 2018 budget proposal calls for a $58 billion increase for the Defense Department, bringing the total to $639 billion. While over half of the federal budget is dedicated to military spending, crucial cuts are being made to housing, education, healthcare, and other much needed social services. Trump and his administration are sending a clear message that his promise to “make America great again” does not apply to the majority of people living in the US, but rather the wealthy elite and weapons manufacturing corporations.

The US war machine is the biggest threat to the rest of the world. With the recent bombings of Syria and Afghanistan and the warmongering against countries like North Korea, we can only expect these attacks to intensify. Now more than ever we must continue the fight against all imperialist wars of aggression. We invite all those against US-led war, militarism, and neo-fascism to join us in Toronto from August 5-7 at a conference hosted by the International League of Peoples’ Struggle and the International Women’s Alliance. Let us continue to strengthen our international solidarity and build the anti-imperialist mass movement!

TAKE A POLL: Where do you want your tax dollars to go instead of funding US militarization and wars of aggression?


Uphold Philippine sovereignty!

Junk EDCA! Junk the Visiting Forces Agreement!

Cut US military spending!

Long Live International Solidarity!