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Trump’s Tirades Against Migrants are a Ploy to Sway the Midterm Elections

In a desperate attempt to demonize the courageous caravan of migrants from Central America, U.S. President Trump is ramping up his fascist tactics by deploying 5,000 military troops to the southern border supposedly by the end of this week, and has now claimed that he will issue an executive order to end birthright citizenship, which is protected by the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.

The long history of colonization, U.S. military intervention, and economic plunder in Latin America has resulted in the forced migration of thousands of people fleeing to the United States to seek refuge and asylum from war and mass poverty. The inhumane response of the Trump administration to migrants, especially the hundreds of migrant children still detained and separated from their families, is disgusting, cruel, and all a part of his racist and xenophobic plans for this country. As the rise in fascism trends in the world including President Duterte and the newly elected Jair Bolsonaro, so does the people’s resistance against fascism. Their continued disregard for humanity and constant human rights violations will only fuel the fire growing the movement against fascism. Let us unite to fight and smash fascism and to build a better society!