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TAKE ACTION Against Obama’s Visit to Japan, South Korea, the Philippines & Malaysia!

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TAKE ACTION Against Obama’s Visit to Japan, South Korea, the Philippines & Malaysia!
On Friday April 25, 2014


Join BAYAN-USA for an international day of action to protest the U.S. military build-up and simultaneous push for the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the Philippines and throughout the Asia Pacific!

President Obama plans to visit the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, and Malaysia to secure the use of their sovereign land for U.S. military bases and their cooperation with the U.S.-led free trade agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). People’s organizations throughout the Asia Pacific are mobilizing to oppose the U.S.’ rampant militarism in the region and its economic hegemony through the sinister implementation of the TPP, or “NAFTA on steroids.” The expansion of U.S. militarization in the region will lead to increased human rights abuses, violence against women and children, pollution and environmental destruction, while costing US tax-payers millions of dollars. It also aims to squash anti-imperialist people’s liberation movements–including the national democratic revolution of the Philippines, the longest running national liberation struggle in Asia.

Tell Obama: People of the Pacific don’t want your drones, nukes, bases, troops or multi-national corporate criminals! US OUT now!
US Out of the Philippines and all Asia Pacific
Stop the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement
Junk the Visiting Forces Agreement and New Military Access Agreements
End the Aquino regime’s puppetry to US imperialism
Uphold Philippines sovereignty
Build international solidarity against US intervention, militarization and aggression
Send US troops back home! Fight Imperialist intervention in the Philippines and Asia. Fight the imperialist war and plundering!

Take Action 4/25:
1.Join local actions in your area, or organize an action in your area!
U.S. Cities:
Los Angeles
@ 6pm
Wilshire Federal Building 11000 Wilshire Blvd, LA 90024

New York
@ 6:30
Meet us at the U.S. Armed Forces Recruiting Station in Times Square

@ 8pm
Kadasig: Philippine Exposure 2013 Reportback Show
Columbia City
Southside Commons
3518 S Edmunds St, Seattle, WA 98118

San Francisco Bay Area
@ 5:30
San Francisco Federal Building
90 7th St,
San Francisco, CA

Additional Locations and Times TBA

2. Change your FB wall & Status updates using any of the attached photos paired with the calls.

3. Tweet: @BarackObama #USoutofASPac #ASPacNot4Sale

4. Call President Obama: (202) 456-1111

Use one of these sample scripts:
“Hi. I’m (say your name), I’m from (say where you’re from). Please tell President Obama I don’t want my tax dollars used to send more US troops or warships to the Philippines, and I oppose a new Military Access Agreement with the Philippines.”

Hi, I’m _____ from ______. I’m concerned about President Obama’s visit to the Philippines to promote a Military Access Agreement or to affirm more aid to the Philippine military. I object to the Department of Defense using Typhoon Haiyan as an excuse to send more US military to the Philippines. I do not want my tax dollars supporting a government and military with such an atrocious record of corruption and human rights violations.

Hi, I’m _____ from ______. I’m concerned about President Obama’s visit to the Philippines to discuss a Military Access Agreement with the Philippine government. I do not support increasing US military presence in the Philippines and the Asia Pacific Region, which drains money from American tax payers and results in the oppression of people in the Philippines and throughout the Asia Pacific.

For quick training video See LFS Training Video

Karapatan video: US Plunder & War in the Philippines