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Relative of KMP leader killed!

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References: Danilo “Ka Daning” Ramos, secretary general, KMP
Carl Anthony Ala, public information officer

The militant Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP) condemned the killing of Domingo Marbella, a peasant and a relative of KMP internal deputy secretary general, Ka Willy Marbella. Domingo Marbella is the 790th victim of extrajudicial killing.

According to Danilo “Ka Daning” Ramos, secretary general of KMP, “Domingo was abducted by security forces at dawn last November 13, at his residence at Barangay Lungib, Pilar in Sorsogon, his body was found around 1pm yesterday in a coconut plantation in the same barangay. His body bore torture marks and he died from gunshot wounds. We believe that Domingo was killed because he is related to Ka Willy and that Domingo’s brother Sonny is being suspected by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) to be a NPA member,”

“The government’s sick logic which is espoused by the butcher Jovito Palparan is that to be found in the company or to be associated with NPA members or members of militant organizations is to court harm and mayhem. They do not differentiate between armed from unarmed or civilians from combatants, their mentality always is to kill them all,” added Ramos.

Meanwhile Ka Willy Marbella, said that “the killings are so rampant and coordinated that they are murdering peasants end to end. Last week it was Ka Joey Javier of Baggao, Cagayan now it is Domeng of Sorsogon. The pattern here is obvious when the AFP’s death squads make a hit in the Northern provinces like Cagayan, its next operation would be Bicol or a part of Visayas. If its last killing was in Central Luzon then the next one would be in Mindanao. There is an evident pattern in their madness and it cannot be denied that it is very systematic,”

“This regime is so callous that it does not even heed our overwhelming cry and that of international community as well as foreign businessmen to STOP THE KILLINGS! We will not rest until justice is achieved for Domeng and all the victims of political killings. We will expose all those behind this and ensure that they are punished.” ended the peasant leader. # # #