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Print, Plaster, Post, & Protest to Stop the Killings in the Philippines

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Teaching children is not a crime.

Feeding the hungry is not a crime.

Housing the poor is not a crime.

Murdering people who teach, feed, and care for their communities IS.

Burning down schools and forcing 3,000 people to evacuate their village IS.

Funding human rights abuses and turning a blind eye to the consequences IS.

On September 21, the 43rd anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law in the Philippines, stand up for human rights in the Philippines.

Condemn the brutal counterinsurgency policy of the Philippine Army, which is receiving military aid from the U.S. to arm, train and direct paramilitary groups that are now terrorizing communities in Mindanao.

Join BAYAN-USA as we kick-off our participation in the International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines’ campaign to stop political repression in the Philippines.

PRINT the attached black&white flyers or posters

PLASTER them in public places

PASTE them on placards and PROTEST at your local Philippine consulate

POST the images on your feeds

SIGN the Unity Statement to condemn escalating human rights violations

#StopLumadKillings #SaveOurSchools #StopTheKillings #EndOplanBayanihan

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