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Solidarity message to Filipino compatriots in the U.S.

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By Executive Committee

On the occasion of the National Day of Action for Immigrants Rights in the US, we extend our warmest greetings to BAYAN-USA and Migrante International organizations in the U.S. for arousing, organizing and mobilizing the broad ranks of Filipinos against the Border Protection, Homeland Security, and Illegal Immigration Act, also known as HR4437 (HR 4437) and other anti-immigrant bills in the U.S.

We salute the successful protests led by Filipino, and other immigrant organizations from various nationalities, a few weeks ago to protest the HR 4437 that was passed by the US House of Representatives last December 2005. We also commend your continuing vigilance against anti-immigrant provisions contained in the immigration bills now up for debate in the Senate.

The millions of people mobilized across the US in recent weeks send a formidable message to American legislators against the intensified criminalization and repression of immigrants and other oppressed nationalities.

The worsening international economic crisis that hits the toiling masses the world over is also felt in the belly of the imperialist beast. Thus, following the US Patriot Act, schemes to exploit and oppress immigrants further are conjured up in this latest attack of the US’ “War on Terror” on all oppressed nationalities.

In other countries, similar crackdowns and attacks against the democratic rights of migrants and local workers are underway ““ as part of efforts to extract the greatest profits from the toil and sweat of the working people. Thus, we are certain that oppressed people the world over are closely watching your vigilant struggle in the US as a concrete manifestation of the outrage that can be mobilized when various immigrant groups and their supporters join forces against a common foe.

This campaign is also an opportune time for us to unite with other Filipino organizations and fellow immigrant groups from other parts of the world. Given that we are preparing for the formation of the International Migrants Alliance, your current solidarity work with other immigrant groups in this struggle will contribute much to our effort to mount a broad anti-imperialist alliance of progressive migrant organizations.

Migrante International takes great inspiration in the millions of migrants and their supporters now marching in streets across America. We again salute you for the great strides you are taking in organizing Filipino immigrants as part of our comprehensive struggle for national democracy in the homefront.

Mabuhay ang BAYAN-USA!
Mabuhay ang migranteng Pilipino at pamilya!
Labanan ang mapaniil at kontra-migranteng batas sa Estados Unidos!
Sulong ang pambansang demokratikong pakikibaka!
Ibagsak ang imperyalismo!