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ILPS supports the October 28 antiwar actions

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By Jose Maria Sison Chairperson, International Coordinating Committee International League of Peoples’ Struggle

The International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) joins the ANSWER Coalition in calling for an end to the US war of occupation in Iraq and in condemning US war threats against North Korea. In this regard, ILPS has called on its participating organizations in the US and Canada to support and join the mobilizations being organized by the ANSWER Coalition on October 28, 2006.

The US imperialists have not learned their lesson from their debacle in Vietnam. Thus, they are again being frustrated in Iraq. Once more, the Iraqi people are showing as the Vietnamese people did in the past that even a small nation can defeat a big superpower as long as they are united and determined to defend their land from foreign aggressors.

The people of the world are becoming more and more outraged at the 655,000 Iraqis killed and the widespread destruction of the country as a result of the US war for oil and hegemony in the Middle East. The growing American casualties that include nearly 3000 killed and nearly 50,000 wounded (announced official count of wounded is only 21,077) and the financial cost that runs into hundreds of billions of US dollars with no end in sight are persuading the American people to intensify their opposition to the war in Iraq.

ILPS opposes the bellicose policies of the US government against the people and government of North Korea. ILPS supports the sovereign right of the Korean people to defend themselves from the war threats and blackmail being foisted on them by the US imperialists. North Korea is not a threat to any country. It is the US that has the biggest stockpile of nuclear weapons. It is the only country that has used nuclear bombs against others. It is the US that in the past invaded Korea. It continues to invade and commit aggression against other countries.

ILPS commends the ANSWER Coalition for its consistent efforts to develop the mass movement in North America to oppose the wars of aggression and plunder being carried out by the US government. The American people have a key role to play in stopping their own government from carrying out such wars of aggression and plunder.

End the War in Iraq! No New War on Korea!