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Bayan USA Podcast: Noynoy’s Stay in San Jose, California

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The president of the Philippines, Noynoy Aquino, has been in San Jose, California the past two days and was at a conference with local Filipino American business men and women and business people from the Philippines at the Fairmont Hotel yesterday.  BAYAN-USA orgs and organizers were present at the event as well as a few organizations representing the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON).  Also present at the rally were a group of (mostly young 20-somethings) people representing a loose coalition (newly formed) called “We Are One Filipino.”  To the best of my ability the most I can say about them is that they are a pro-Noynoy org.  They held an event with singing, dancing, and speaking.  Some of the organizers also allowed representatives from NAFCON and BAYAN-USA to speak as well.

You can listen to the podcast online here

Or you can download the m4a format here.